Why Families Are Not as Close as They Used to Be

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In the age of change, the society is progressing rapidly on various fronts. Yet at the same time, many issues appeared, one of them is the families have been becoming more and more alienation than they used to be. In this essay, I will analyze the possible causes of this phenomenon and then propose some solutions.

It is obvious that the causes are comprehensive. Firstly, pace of the life is very quick nowadays, especially in cities, the competitions are becoming increasingly stiff, people have to pay more focus on their work, they have no enough time for families' reunion.. Secondly, with the societty advancing, a various number of people are going to cities to get job opptunities, while their parents have to stay at the villages with their farm. Therefore, the distance between the city and farm seperate them from staying together. Finally, good colleges are located in big cites, there are rare colleges located in small towns or villages, youngsters whom were born in thes places have to leave their home to go to universities.

Accordingly, the solutions to this issue should also be varied. At the first place, the government should take measures for town, villiges education facilites' development and should invest more in town and villige industry so that more job opptunities are created. After that, people can work in the factories nearby their families, and teenagers can go to colleges nearby their families. Secondly, we should slow down our steps, spend more time in enjoying our life and staying with our families.

To summarize, sevral factors contribute to the families' alienation . I am convinced that the familiy members should take actions including spending more time in staying with his families and meanwhile the government should take measures such as invest more in villige development to solove this problem.
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