Causes of the Gap Between City and Countryside

Topics: City, Population, Rural area Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Nowadays, the gap between the city and the countryside becomes more and more overt, which arouses colossal concerns. To understand the solution, let’s take a closer look at the causes of the gap at first. The main reason of the gap is the unequal investment between city and rural area. China is a typical example. While more and more money is being invested to the coastal areas and big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the lack of investment barriers greatly the society development of rural area and western regions which has poor ability to produce high quality machinery such as ball mill, jaw crusher, etc. The low education level partly sharps the gap. There is no doubt that the prime force of productivity is education. However, because of poverty, thousands of people go to work without graduating from primary school. The poorer, the few children go to school. This bad cycle finally leads to the dream of rich becoming a dream that is hard to realize. After winning the Olympic 2008,Beijing made a plan to spend 160 billion RMB building an Olympic Village. This will surely attract many sports fans to China, which would be much rewarded, not only in economy but the whole society. You can tell form my commentary above,since building theaters and stadiums benefit not only individuals but also the state, it is very worthy of these expenses. And the government should speed up the pace of the constructions. Moreover, the rural area is short of people with high quality. A survey proved that most of university students, whether they come from city or countryside, choose big cities instead of poor areas to work. The rural area can neither adept talent man nor attract talent man. No wonder the gap is increasing largely. Hence, The government ought to knock itself out to decrease the gap as soon as possible. First, balance the investment between city and rural area. In addition, the education level should be improved, especially pay attention on raising high quality...
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