Why Do You Want To Motivate Doctors?

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When most people think of Doctors they think of the person who they see very briefly when they aren’t feeling well but in all reality they are a lot more than that. A doctor is someone who works extremely long hours, is dedicated to healing patients, and their work is intellectually, emotionally and physically taxing. A doctor has many hats to wear throughout his busy day and “doctor” is just one. When thinking what kind of work results are important for a doctor you immediately think of healing patients. This seems simple until you look beneath of surface and start to think what this really means. A doctor must assume care with a patient when they have something that is wrong with them. A doctor must assess, start a treatment, and ultimately …show more content…
Some daily motivators could be as simple as taking 10%-15% of their day to work on whatever they want. This is a theory that allows for the doctor to take a certain percent of their day to work on anything other than their actual work. Meaning they could work on research for a new cure, funding for things in their area, charity campaigns, or anything else they feel passionate about. Another daily motivator would be spending their time in a rest position. This could be alone or with other coworkers doing research, playing video games, reading, or anything that takes them out of their intense and stressful work environment giving them time to relax. A weekly motivator could be the office paying and throwing a weekly party for the staff every week. This gives everyone something to look forward to while creating a sense of community among everyone. A yearly motivator would be the company paying for a retreat for all the doctor in the office. This would allow the doctors to go on a free trip to get away, relax, and enjoy themselves allowing them to come back refreshed and to take their work life head on. A motivator that may be harder to implement in some offices is based off the “Fedex” theory. This would be giving the doctor one full day to work on or do whatever they want. This is the same idea as the 10%-15% motivator but would happen less often and would be one entire day to work on anything they want to. These would be great motivators that would keep things moving along smoothly, keep spirits high, and give a great sense of community allowing everyone to be on the same page and create strong

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