Why do you appreciate America?

Topics: The Star-Spangled Banner, American Revolutionary War Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Why do you appreciate America’s Veterans?
I stand respectfully beside others, my right hand placed gently over my heart. A lump forms in my throat and goose bumps prickle up my arms as I anticipate the singer hitting the high note in the line from the National Anthem, “For the Land of the Free.” When they nail the note, I am filled with a sense of pride, hope, and respect for our country and our veterans. I appreciate America’s veterans because of their selfless sacrifices for our freedom and their willingness to fight for America’s ideals and values. November 11th is a day dedicated to recognizing America’s Veterans. We remember the history of our country, along with the challenges and the victories they have helped us to achieve. From the Revolutionary war in 1775 to most recently the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, America’s Veterans have fought for our liberty. In the Washington Post, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, said that veterans coming back from recent combat, “have come back to a nation that has embraced them-warmly, strongly, positively- and put tremendous value and appreciation into their service. That is so important.” We show veterans our appreciation and respect by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and standing with reverence as the flag is raised for the National Anthem. My family has a tradition of taking a family friend and Vietnam Veteran out to breakfast on Veterans Day every year. I have preformed the National Anthem at events and in doing so I am lucky to have been able to express my gratitude to our Veterans for their service to our country. Veterans leave their homes for months at a time endangering their welfare. They travel to distant places around the world and defend our nation because they know it is the right thing to do. While they are sacrificing for us, we sit at home enjoying the freedom and safety they have bravely fought to provide for us. In every war veterans have been wounded or killed fighting for us and therefore I...
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