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Why Do Teens Wear Makeup?

By majhane Dec 14, 2012 436 Words
My Happiest Moment
In every man’s life there are the ups and downs. Sorrows and pleasures in fact there are all have a happy moments in life. Like me I have many happy moments in life but many of them not so happy.

My happiest moment in life begins when I was 6 yrs old. I begin to study in kindergarten in year 2003, and I was very shy because that’s my first day in school on that time I was crying and I want to be with my mother. Many of my classmate have been crying like me. I was very shy and scary on that time. On the next day when I was going to school I saw my beautiful classmate and on that time I think she is my first crush in my whole life. She is very pretty and shy like me. When the day was over, I was very happy and I think I’m happy in studying. In all of my classmate, I’m the one who is favorite of my teacher because I was very shy and quiet in our room. When I graduated in kindergarten in year 2004. In this year up to 2010 I have experienced many happy and sad moment, true and fake friends, industrious and bored teachers, hard, medium and easy subjects and also my favorite subjects MATHEMATICS.

Until becomes the day of my graduation in elementary and I registered in Benigno Aquino High School. In BNAHS I meet many of my classmate in elementary. Many of them can remember me and many of them can’t. in high school I have many friends, this friends are true friends. Friends that help me in my problems and decidions. Friends that will not leave me up to the end. And friends that gives me energy to achieve all of the things that I have to achieved like high grades.

And I think you will be happy to read my happiest moment in life. THANK YOU for reading this.

My Saddest Moments
Every man’s life in the world have their own painful moment in life in fact sad and scary moments.
My saddest moment in life begins, when I was kindergarten and grade 2. In kindergarten I was very active child in our house, when I was playing a bottle of medicine in our garage, while I hold the bottle and I run and run until the bottle slipped down to my hand and my right foot got wounded. I cry and cry loud on that time. When me and my mother going to hospital, I was very scare.

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