Why Do Companies Prefer University Graduates over Non-Graduates?

Topics: Employment, Academic degree, University Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: December 20, 2010
Who doesn’t want the ripe fruit out of the whole bunch? As hundreds of fresh, eager and skilled students ripe…..oops! Sorry, I mean graduate every year, more than the graduate’s parents are the no. of employers standing outside the university gate to pick the best out of bests for their company.

Management job is not only about doing administrative work. I, myself, being an administrative assistant in a trading company, have realized from my surrounding and my colleagues that the job is merely an administrative one and is more about taking risks, dealing with the complaints, understanding & solving problems, making the best decision possible in given short amount of time and most of all, working in team with everybody’s best shot. That is how management jobs function in firms. And as much as I want to deny the fact, it is indeed my lacking which I’ve felt through my work that I have, more than anyone, the urge to get my degree, wear the “squared on top” black hat that I’ve always dreamed of and graduate. So, why do I feel the need of degree? The answer to that will be the answer to the above question which is going to be explained few lines down from here on.

Employability skills and personal values are the critical tools and traits one need to succeed in the workplace -- and they are the elements that one can learn, cultivate, develop, and maintain over their university life time. The ones possessing these prerequisites are likely to be not only chosen first for the job but be better paid as well.

Life in university

University or College time has always been the best time of life for most people. It’s the time where you went on various field trips, rocked the dance floor on prom night, made many friends and other fond memories. Well, sweet things aside, university time is also the time when one finally gets to have broader outlook on various aspects of life, learn to showcase one’s skills and make decisions independently. It’s the time where...
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