why do aircraft crash

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It was a day of mourning on July 10 in Russia. The country mourned for the victims of the Airbus A310 crash in Irkutsk.

It is now impossible to say exactly what caused the catastrophe. However, what happened points to the obvious conlusion that it was 75-80% people's fault rather than an equipment failure. It was people who did not provide the necessary conditions for landing. This, however, does not mean that the tragedy in Irkutsk is due only to Russian disorder: such a catastrophe could have taken place in any country and involved any aircraft. This is proved by the statistics. Hundreds of planes crash during landing or take-off claiming the lives of hundreds of passengers in many counties in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

What is happening? Experts believe that today's aircraft are designed the way that a man's error is inevitable in an emergency situation. Obviously, no constructor can ackowledge the drawbacks and imperfection of his plane, although they are perfectly well aware of such.

There was a large government organization responsible for further development of planes in service. Actually, this organization operates even today but its influence on the final construction of a plane is much less than in the Soviet era. But even the experienced engineers of this organization could not forecast the crash of Tu-154, the model which had been in service for several decades. The construction of this type of plane provides a three-level hydrolic system. In the event of failure of one part, another serves as a substitute. No one thought that all the pipelines carrying a special liquid, connect, forming one pipeline in the rear. Fate is cruel. It just so happened that the ill-fated pipeline caught fire in the place where nobody expected it to and where it was not duplicated. The aftermath is quite predictable and grim: the plane crashed claiming the lives of virtually 100 passengers.

A modern aircraft presents...
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