Why did Bazarov die? Novel " Fathers and sons "

Topics: Fathers and Sons, Nihilism, Existence Pages: 2 (291 words) Published: May 18, 2004
There is a nihilist, sincerely trusting in correctness of his belief in the novel " Fathers and sons".

Eugeny Bazarov is the nihilist, so the materialist, who is not recognizing dogmas, checking everything only with experience. He is a physician, being interesting in natural sciences. His days are filled with work and new searches.

Turgenev creates a hero to check up what is necessary in that world and what has no right to exist. Getting convinced that the "person-comet" does not need for a life at all, Turgenev compels Bazarov to die.

The death was in Bazarov's philisiphy, in his aspiration to reduce all alive life to laws of a lifeless matter. The death was inside of him and not without a reason he died from ptomaine.

Perhaps, the most absurd in Bazarov's life was an aspiration to ratify his identity to oppose himself in another way.

The author spends the character consistently through the book events, arranging him exams in all spheres of a life: friendship, love, enmity and family. However, Bazarov failed everywhere.

Turgenev killed Bazarov not because he did not guess how to adapt that new phenomenon in the Russian society, but because he founded out that there was the only one law, which even theoretically the nihilist did not presume to deny it.

Also, Turgenev did not found constructive, creative force in nihilism. He forced the character to die, as he did not see continuation of his (Bazarov) activity.

Bazarov's death was justified in an own way, as in love it was impossible to lead up Bazarov to " silence of pleasure", as in his business should have stayed on a stage where his ideas just begin to be developed, since he still was in a threshold of the future. Bazarov should have died to remain Bazarov.
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