Why Choose Pepsi

Topics: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: May 15, 2012
In favour of Pepsi:
1st advert: Coke vs Pepsi
Two delivery drivers for Pepsi and coke are sat at a diner and ask for a Pepsi and coke, they are both working late to make some extra money and have a joke and laugh together after liking a song that was playing, they offer each other their drinks but when the coca cola driver drinks the Pepsi he has a drink but doesn’t give it back, the camera shows the outside of the diner and shows windows smashing, they’re having a fight or disagreement. I didn’t think the advertisement was that good really, it didn’t make me think oh ye ill buy Pepsi. It was all a bit worthless and if anything made the Pepsi brand look bad because the Pepsi guy wouldn’t let the coke person have the can and went as far as fighting him and smashing windows. It makes me think that the Pepsi representative is a bit of a bully if anything and I feel sorry for the coke person so from the advertisement I think that coke is better. 2nd advertisement: pepsi vs coca-cola (pepsi vanilla ad)

A pepsi truck driver pulls alongside a cocacola driver at a set of traffic lights and they both acknowledge each other. The coke driver turns his music up high and starts to nod his head, the camera then turns to the pepsi driver who takes a drink of his bottle of pepsi, once he does this he flips a button in his car which throws the shutters up on his truck to reveal huge speakers and the truck is bouncing up and down using hydraulics to the music, the passers by are all dancing and cheering with the pepsi and the coke is left in the pepsis tracks and admits he lost. I think this advert is a funny advert and works well for Pepsi. The reason for this is because the coca cola driver looks like the instigator in this whilst the pepsi driver was minding his own business. This then makes the pepsi driver react and looks like the pepsi drink gives him the energy or fight to compete with the driver and he competes and makes the coke guy look stupid. It gives the...
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