Who Was the Last Person to Know Everything About Everything There Was to Know at the Time?

Topics: Human, Philosophy, Hominidae Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Who was the last person to know everything about everything there was to know at the time?

Hunger for knowledge is something that has been inherent for humankind since the beginning. Humans have a need to grasp as much knowledge as possible, because being aware and knowing about things helps us to live an easier and a better life. A human’s hunger for knowledge can never be fulfilled and it is impossible to know everything there is to know, so the idea of being an all knowing person is not a realistic goal but rather an ideal to strive for. Since the dawn of humankind people have always been progressing, every next generation has been smarter than the previous one. The amount of knowledge that humankind possesses has forever been increasing and already a long time ago reached a level which no individual is able to handle. If there has ever been a single person, who has held the entire knowledge of humankind it has either been a very long time ago or it has been possessed by a superhuman. As much as I adore Nietzsche’s theory about Superman I am going to dismiss it in this essay for the sake of making realistic points. If dismissing Nietzsche’s theory, the only possible way is that at one point the knowledge of humankind was at such a low level, that it would have been comprehensible for a single person to know it all. The first philosophers of ancient Greece were known not only for their knowledge in philosophy but for having knowledge in everything. It could be assumed that Thales, who was one of the first philosophers of ancient Greece knew everything that there was to know in ancient Greece, which is already very improbable. It is almost entirely impossible that he knew everything in the world because he did not even have the chance to learn about knowledge originating from other places. Socrates, who was born 235 years later than Thales said,” I only know, that I know nothing.” If one of the smartest men of such an early time has said, that he knows...
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