Who Is Vladimir Nabokov's Credibility?

Topics: William Shakespeare, Morality, Tragedy, Othello, Iago, Sophocles / Pages: 2 (336 words) / Published: Jan 12th, 2017
The film adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita has further helped me understand my own compulsive nature and the lengths at which those compulsions have taken themselves to be. However, i’m not a middle-aged man toying around with an orphaned pre-teen but I do empathize myself within the main protagonist Humbert Humbert. Using his circumstances and credibility as a scholarly figure (not to mention newly acquired fatherly credibility) to give into his own desires. I similarly manipulate my circumstances and credibilities to achieve what I want and just like Humbert, not with malice or carnal desire, but with a nostalgic wanderlust of what could be or could have been. I aim to expand my knowledge and experiences through the lens of compulsion

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