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Who is Responsible for Macbeths Downfall?

By alegandrachristian Nov 06, 2013 266 Words
Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the three witches are all to blame for the tragedy that is “Macbeth”, Lady Macbeth through convincing Macbeth, Macbeth for following his ambition more than his conscience and the three witches for putting the idea of being king in Macbeth’s head. But i think Macbeth is more responsibe because he had a choice to kill King Duncan. What really brought him to all this mess was actually the need of power and his ambitious needs. Not many would agree with this but, he himself brought this all to him self. He could have just simply have thought about it more clearly and carefully. And think , "Hey do i really want to kill the king?" Which tries up with what i mentioned before we all have a choice in life, and we must think before we act! And so on and so on .

Also, because Macbeth is also to blame for the tragedy of the play because without him being so ambitious and narrow sighted the play wouldn’t have turned out as it did. Macbeth was having concerns for killing Duncan and at once point even says “Proceed no further in this business” but his “vaulting ambition” gets the better of him. Macbeth is to blame for what happens after he kills Duncan, without him seeing the ghost of Banquo and shouting it out and also without him overreacting at Duncan’s death there would have been little suspicion of his involvement with the murder, without Macbeth’s ambition and conscience the play wouldn’t have taken the path it did.

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