Where Do We Go Next?

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Where Do We Go Next
Over the course of history, humanity has taken strides that have propelled us to be the most intelligent species that we have discovered. From the beginning of cavemen who could no more than grunt a command, to wireless communication and computer controlled systems, human innovation and gain have taken unbelievable strides. In one hundred years, we have gone from dreaming of flying through the air, to walking on the moon, and now taking pictures of distant galaxies from far away from our home planet. With the progress we have made, the question of where do we go next still lingers. There is always one major aspect of development throughout history, whether it is the airplane, a rocket in space, nuclear technology, or fuel-efficient vehicles. Where do we go next, and what factors can be analyzed?

However a multi-conceptual debate it may be, choosing what aspect to research can be further narrowed by three simple factors. The three points are what value does it hold to the future, who does it help, and how and it be attained? These questions answer the fundamental parts of the research debate, and are a good place to start when attempting to decide where humanity should invest its future.

When considering all of the different possibilities of where to go next, it can be realized that the possibilities are in fact endless. However, certain topics of research are more useful than others, so it is possible to focus in on a few main ideals. Some main possible areas of future research and development are space travel, alternative power sources, genetic research and development, and lastly medical concepts. These four ideas carry a majority of merit among the rest of the field, and any one of these, researched in depth, may yield amazing gains in terms of humanity. While all of these can in fact be researched at the same time, a certain level of importance must be created so that it is clear which of these are more beneficial to the overall population gain. The first possible consideration is space travel.

Traveling through space has been depicted in the movies and television for a great number of years. Some of the most popular entertainment has involved some sort of space travel, whether is be human, or alien. From Star Wars to Contact, movies have provided scenarios of distant lands and foreign species that humans may come in contact to. The common factor in all of these films is that the solution to space travel already exists. Space travel in those films has already been solved. In terms of current technology, it would take about nine months to reach Mars from earth, as Mars is, at best guess, 40,130,000 kilometers from earth. (Mars). This makes a trip to our closest planet an incredible task, let alone traveling to a far and distant galaxy.

Space travel is the concept of developing technology that would make the trip to another distant land possible, in an amount of time that would be manageable by a single human being. The likely aspect would be some sort of propulsion system that would cut the time taken to get somewhere dramatically. This allows exploration and testing to be done with results that could be obtained in a quick fashion. By exploring other places, new elements could be discovered, new species discovered, and we could have a better understanding of our own planet by observing similar ones in space. The effects are limitless, from new metals that could be lightweight, yet hard as steel, or cures to diseases from new elements and materials. It is also possible some sort of fuel or oil could be found on other planets. The social and economical possibilities are endless to speculate.

Many problems arise when attempting to discuss space travel. One of the largest is keeping public support for space travel, and getting the average person to believe in exploration of new places. The average person will not see the point of traveling to distant worlds when...
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