What the Number of Cars Will Be in the Future

Topics: Automobile, Pollution, Future Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: August 13, 2013
With the development of society and improvement of economic conditions, more and more families have the ability to afford cars. But what the number of cars will be in the future? Is it safe to reach the conclusion that there will be fewer cars in use than there are today in 20 years? In my opinion, it's possible and the reasons are as follows.

Just imagine which of the following two worlds you would prefer: Option one is that you are living in a place where the sky is grey and the river is yellow. Every day you have to breathe the air with many harmful fumes. Option two is that the environment you live is beautiful. There are many trees and flowers around the lake. You can listen to the birds singing in the sky and watch fish swimming in the lake. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable and more enjoyable if you choose option two? Nowadays, more and more people begin to realize that the waste fume from the car exert bad influence on the environment and thus take many actions to limit the number of cars, such as taking subway instead of driving a car. Therefore, there will be fewer cars in use in the near future.

Besides the improving concern of environmental protection, the reduction of the number of cars is also from the increasing number of old people. For instance, my family had 2 cars in the past, one belonged to my dad and one belonged to my grandpa. As the increasing of age, my grandpa felt that he could no long have the energy to drive a car. So he sold his car and now my family share one car. Nowadays, the entire world is entering an aging era. Hence, more and more old people will not be able to drive a car and the number of cars will come down.

What's more, the government may also play a role in assistance to the reduction of cars. Because of the frequency happening of the traffic jam.

To sum up, because of the improvement concern of environmental protection and the becoming older of the population, I believe that there will be fewer cars in use...
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