What should people do to protect the environment and why?

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What should people do to protect the environment and why?

Introduction: The problem of the environment is one of the scourges of our era. It has been increasing at an alarming rate for several years now. People around the world have almost no concern for the environment and the place where future generations are going to live.

Main Body:
-Legal measures should be taken for those who do not respect the law. -Social measures such as training classes about the environment for students of all ages-more environmental activities at school such as planting trees in the school yards or outside school as part of the school program. -Each person must take control of his own actions and try not to pollute the environment. -Parents should set the good example to their children and teach them how and why they should respect and protect the environment. -Preventive measures, like installing filters to factories, should be taken against pollution. -The mass media should also maximize their contribution towards the preservation of the environment. (New programmes or documentaries should project the importance of the environment and sensitize people to the need of preserving it must be fully exploited. -Industrial areas should be built far away from towns and residential areas. Every factory that does not comply with regulations should be closed down and strict fines should be imposed. -Industries should become aware of the harm caused by the chemical wastes and sensitized enough to dump them away from rivers and the sea.

Conclusion: Obligation to ensure a healthier lifestyle and safer future for all people and the generations to come. I am convinced that…
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