What global implications might local solutions have?

Topics: Pollution, Environment, Recycling Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Our greed to get the most out of everything, via technological and scientific development, has made us contemptuously neglect the environment, although we know that our very existence depends on it. In this way, we should consider the fact that even the smallest everyday human actions can initiate a significant global change. An example worth mentioning is the city where I live, where there is so much traffic, and thus air and noise pollution, as every family possesses at least two vehicles for its own transportation. Consider this situation in its global dimension, creating many environmental, health and economical issues. But that can be reduced to the lowest possible level, if every single person starts using public transport or shares a lift witha neighbor. In doing so, traffic congestion, noise pollution and exhaust fumes will no longer be an obstacle to the quality of our lives. A further problem that needs to be seriously considered is the garbage dump situated not very far from the urban area, which emits smelly gases and pollutes the soil. One way to deal with this dangerous situation would be for citizens to demand the shutdown of such areas, while simultaneously begining to recycle waste, as well as buying only environmentally friendly products. By doing this, we can reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste being dumped and, consequently, ensure that harmful materials are not left in the earth which could be used as farmland in the future. To conclude, we need to be taught from an early age to respect the natural environment which makes up our "lifeline". Individuals need to become more aware of the consequences of their actions and act with greater responsibility for the benefit of the global environment. Only if people maintain their living conditions at a high quality, will the Earth be prevented from further destruction and the world will become a healthier and safer place to live in. Again, the responsibility should fall to every single one...
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