What Secrets Tell

Topics: High school, Want, Shame Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: November 9, 2010
We all have secrets in our life. Everyone is entitled to having personal secrets to a certain extent. Some things are very important to us and therefore we all have to keep our secrets stored in our personal mental diaries. Lots of secrets are pure fantasy we should all be allowed to have. Sometimes, people keep secrets because they are scared to hurt others or relationships with others. There are millions of reasons why we keep secrets.

In my opinion, having personal secret is very natural and we born with it. It’s as natural as dogs hidden their food in the holes they dig. For example, my five years old cousin hide his pants under the bed after he pee on it because he scared if his mother finds out she is going to punish him. Nobody teaches him to do this. He decided to do this on his own.

We all should remember those most wonderful times in Junior High / High School years. We shared our secrets with our best friends. We spent hours on phone talking about that cute boy from next door. Few girl friends slept over but chat about Susan’s new boy friend for the entire night. We were passing notes during class just to discuss Maggie’s ugly hair style. Looking back, we may not consider those secrets are important to us anymore. However, those secrets link us up and enhanced our friendships during the entire Junior High / High School years.

We have grown up and a lot of things may have changed. One of the things that hasn’t changed is we still need secrets in our life. There are millions of reasons why we keep secrets. One of the common reason is we don’t want to hurt people around us. Even married couple hides secrets from each others. We all want our romantic partners to trust us, and to be able to trust them in return. However, honoring trust doesn’t require the whole truth. Perhaps all relationships rely on little white lies, to a degree – like pretending not to notice an attractive neighbor, or claiming that your spouse is every bit as attractive as...
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