What Running Does for You

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What Running Does For You
As I get older I don't know how anyone could live without running. Some teenagers might look for confidence in other people, but for me, I rely on myself by exercising. I believe when you put yourself into the constant routine of running, your body no longer has control over your mind. Your mind has control over your body. I remember when I first started running, I would feel that shortness of breath and the throbbing pain in my muscles, I would have self doubt. My parents have always raised me to finish what I start. Because of that I promised myself that I would continue running so that I could one day call myself a runner. Now I am proud to say I am a runner. Running has not only given me the physical strength to do anything but also mental.

I believe in running for exactly this; when you're running the world fades away. Nothing else matters but those shoes you run in, the ground you run on, and those clothes that drape your body. The shoes will never give up on you and say hurtful words. The ground I run on will never tell my secrets or stab me in the back. My clothing will change with the season, but they will never disappoint me or leave me with nothing. That is why I believe in them, and in running. Learning how to run is like taking those first steps, its something you'll never forget. It doesn't matter your gender, age or race. My shoes, clothing, and the surface I run on won't care who you are but this is something that makes up now a huge part of my life. When I run I feel invincible, that nothing can stop me.

Running is like therapy, it relives stress. For almost a year I had dealt with depression because of the people around me made poor choices. At a point of my life I rolled into a suicidal state of mind but now because of running I am the happy athlete I am today. You push yourself to a point of exhaustion , that helps me deal with my anger. Running is a great time to think. You can really think about anything and...
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