What Makes a Good Teacher

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There are some important features that each teacher should possess.first,the teacher’s personality should be pleasently live and attractive.This does not rule out people who are physically plain,or even ugly,because many such people have great personal charm.But it does rule out such types as the over-excitable,melancholy,frigid,sarcastic,cynical,frustrated,and overbearing.I would say too,that is excludes all dull purely negative personality type,because school children probably suffer more from bores than from brutes.

Secondly,it is not merely but essentialfor a teacher to have a genuıne capacity for sympathy – in the literal meaning of taht word;a capacity to tune in to do minds and feelings of other people,and especially,since most teachers are school teachers,to the minds and feelings of children.Closely related with this is the capacity to be tolerent – not indeed,of what is wrong,but of the frailty and immaturity of human nature which induce people,and again specially children,to make mistakes.

A teacher must remain mentally alert.ahae will not get into the profession if of low intelligence,but it is all to eay,even for people of above-avarage intelligence,to stagnate intellectualy - which is to deteriorate intellectuality -which is to deteriorate intellectuality.A teacher must be quick to adapt himself to any situation,however improbable (they happen!) and abble to improvise,if necessary than a moment's notice.

On the other hand, a teacher must be capable of infinitive patience,which,I may say,is largely a matterof self-discipline and self-training;we are none of us born like that.He must be pretty resilient;teaching makes great demands on nervous energy.And he should be able to take in his stride the in numerable petty irritations any adult dealing with children has to endure.
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