What Makes a Good Teacher

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What Makes a Good teacher?

If a teacher has enthusiasm, love and respect for both the students and their subjects, knowledge and creativity, then we won't have to link them to bossiness and homework.

It is commonly accepted that studying is a painful experience we all have to go through, a painful boring experience. However, if the teacher can stir studying into life, with their humor, then it mightn't be as boring. Everybody enjoys fun, laughter and new things. A teacher needs to explores different ways of teaching, to be able to think out of the box. By using their sense of humor and imagination, teachers can show their fun side to the students and therefore bringing about a more comfortable and relaxing teaching environments.

Furthermore, to develope a good relationship, there should be love and respect between the two. A teacher should always respect the students, so to give them confidence and love for themselves. By encouraging a student in a non-severe way will hearten them, and motivate them to improve, and prevent them from having teacher-fear. As well as that, teachers could also act like a role model, to bring about the message of how to treat others and the basic politeness. This strategy works to ways and really develops their relationships.

In addition to the love a teacher needs to spare for the students, he or she will also need love for their own subject. If one has no passion in the job one has, then one will not devote one's utmost attention into it. A teacher should not teach for salary, but should be responsible for the students they are teaching. If the teachers has no devotion to the subject, then the students likely to depend more on themselves and not share all the fun in learning.

Last but not least, a teacher should have vast knowledge of their subject, therefore the students will be able to receive a generous amount, which will be effective in their later studies If an attentive and eager students have many questions...
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