Topics: Education, Psychology, History of education Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: March 14, 2014
Some professor are experts at boring their student’s. We all know why we go to school is because we need education to help us in life to make that our strong goal and make a difference in the world, but having these professor that are boring make us not to come to class. But let me to the point that some professor are experts at boring their student’s, every teachers logic is to say learning is fun, why teachers get their degree for teaching, and fun learning win. First, every teacher’s logic is to say learning is fun. But we all know the truth learning is not fun unless the teacher’s make it interesting. Some teacher’s go on teaching in class for a long time nonstop so what’s the purpose for class. For example: two hour block schedule just teaching and talking. What make it worst the subject is boring like history, math, chemistry, and reading, coming from a student like me those subject’s I don’t like and every teachers were boring. This what I don’t get a lot of teacher’s don’t care if they’re boring but know they’re boring to get on student’s nerve that’s why we don’t go to class. Second, why teachers get their degree for teaching? I might know that reason and that reason is what they experience in their past when their teacher were boring so they can repeat history. By all means what happen to the fundamental of learning because teachers are making it worst on the students. I’m never going to forget what a teacher say to us students in class it was third period class in history class always doing work and less teaching some reason we was a bad class to him, so one of the student say I hate this class and the teacher respond was “I don’t hurt me if you hate this class as long as I’m getting paid and sitting in the class room I’m already getting paid”. I would not forget that that moment. Every teacher’s got different purpose of becoming a teacher but they’re just the same as the rest. Third, fun learning vs. boring learning I know what you’re thinking that...
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