What Makes a Good Presentation

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Presentation is a very popular form for the communication in seminar, meeting, and even in thesis defense of university. The purpose of presentation is to make your work as apprehensible as possible to the audiences. There are some points what make a presentation effective.

Firstly, an elaborate preparation is the foundation of a good presentation, so the comprehensive information about the given topic of the presentation should be searched through a various of channels, such as some relevant books, newspapers, magazines, and websites. Some useful data should be collected and taken as note cards. The next stage is to create the powerpoint which is so convenient and ensures a clear structure and more fascinating. It is a good idea to use illustrations which are worth hundreds of words in the slides. After the carefully prepared powerpoint has been finished, it is necessary to keep practicing out loud with your friends or just yourself until it is satisfactory.

Secondly, the most important part is how you deliver it and how you present yourself. When the presentation is begun, it is helpful that maintaining eye contact with the audiences around the room and presenting with enthusiasm and confidence. It would be unwise reading from a script or the screen and speaking in a monotonous voice. Notably, body language, for example, gestures, is also very useful because it can express a presenter’s attitudes and thoughts. Lastly, time controlling must be remembered, it is a great mistake to present more than given time.

To conclude, It is generally recognised that a good presentation is related to the effort spent on the preparation, only if you prepare well, you can deliver well, and then you will succeed.
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