Presentation Skills

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Presentation skills are very important as these skills are the way of transferring the information to the audience. To have a good presentation, it is important to have the following points in the presentation: 1) Preparation and planning

2) The structure of the presentation
3) How to create interest and establishing a relationship with the audience 4) How to deal with the body language
5) How to use the voice
First: Preparation and planning:
The presenter must have a checklist which includes his /her essential elements to use in the presentation. Example: what is the aim? To buy a new product. Also the presenter must know the equipment he/ she needs, who are the audience, when will be the presentation, etc. Second: The structure of the presentation:

A good presentation is well structured which makes the audience easier to follow. There are three parts of typical presentation: the beginning, the middle, and the conclusion. The beginning of the presentation mostly is an important part as the presenter can take the attention of the audience. Usually beginning of presentation include: introduce oneself, giving the title, introducing subject, and giving the objectives of the presentation. The middle of the presentation includes the information the presenter have and examples for his /her content. Also the presenter should links his ideas or sections as the ending of one section is the beginning of the next one. Also the presenter can use visuals such as graphs, charts, maps, photos, drawings, videos and films to make explanations for the subjects. The conclusion of the presentation must include a brief reminder of what he or she tried to show, invitation to ask questions, and make comments or open discussion. Third: creating interest and establishing a relationship with the audience: The presenter should attract the audience’s attention by using the following techniques: * Giving an unusual facts or statistic.

* Illustrate with a...
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