What Makes You Happy

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What Makes You Happy?

Advertising is tricky. The challenge facing most advertising groups is creating the allure to get the

consumer to buy their products. In advertising the lay out is just as important as the context of the ad.

The advertisers use all forms to entice us: color, typography, catch words, and of course things that

appeal to our vulnerabilities. These catch words are words which are meant to deceive the consumers.

Advertising comes to us in a variety of ways. You see ads on television for products that promise to

make you beautiful, popular and increase your sex appeal. Ads are meant to stick in your mind and the

advertisers hope when you go shopping you will remember their product. Just think about the catchy

little tune for Speedy Alka-Seltzer: “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz oh what a relief it is.”(Wolkomir “You Are

What YOU BUY”, 21.) I will be comparing three different jean advertisements using (Fowles “Fifteen

Basic Appeals” ) to discuss some of the techniques in this essay.

The three jeans ads are: Sports Illustrated The 60th Anniversary Issue for Buffalo, Details The

Fashion Issue for Luxe Performance, and Western Horseman for Cinch Jeans & Shirts. One of the

things the ads for Buffalo Jeans and Luxe Performance have in common is they are both in the black,

white and gray tone in contrast to the ad from Cinch Jeans. The color lay out for Cinch Jeans & Shirt ad

is in Orange, Blue and White. The color orange is a bright, happy color that reminds us of the sun. The

clean white is associated with the good guy, and our western man is wearing a white hat so we are to

assume they are good strong jeans. With the sun light tones of muted white and tan in the background

the jean and shirt are more noticeable. The dark blue color, similar to the, night sky works well with

the color of the bright orange, it compliments. The dark blue and orange contrast each other and

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stands out. The white border makes the large dark blue letters, along with the band of orange with the

white lettering, pop out at us.

In contrast the ads for Buffalo and Luxe Performance are both in the black, gray and white tone.

These tones are used when taking photos of a subject to add depth and detail. When turning the pages

through a world of color and the black and white ad catches your eye it is because it is different and

this is what advertisers want, all eyes on their ads. The two models in the Buffalo ad contrast, he is in

lighter jeans and she is wearing the contrasting black jeans. The dark background makes the male

model's figure pop out in the ad. Luxe Performance is another black, gray and white ad. The total

black background used makes the model prominent, along with the white letters in the brand name

Seven for all mankind. The Luxe Performance ad gives depth and mystery, the feeling he is in the front

of the ad, a face to face, almost 3 D.

There are not many words present in any one of the three ads. The three addresses have one thing

in common and that is they added their web address to the ad. The Cinch Jeans ad has the most print.

The large bold letters makes the ad easy to read. The orange border tells us a little about the jeans,

mid rise, slim, boot cut in nice sized white letter. They even personalized the ad with his name at the

top, Ian. Ian's name is placed on the top left corner in an orange band with large white letters. The

letters in Ian's name are larger than the product name. The name Cinch Jeans is placed in the center of

the ad, along with the e-mail address right below the name on the white border in large dark blue

letters. Everything in the Cinch ad is plain and boxed in just like the model in...

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