What Makes Australia Unique

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What Makes Australia Unique?

A long time ago, the continents got separated from each other gradually because of the Continent Drift. Then, Australia became the largest continent in Oceania. It has a lot of special properties and the most apparent one is the environment. Australia has very special landforms and the climates are quite different in other parts of Australia. The plants and animals are really unique as well due the particular climates and geology. All these things make Australia a unique country. Australia has the sixth largest land around the world, but its landforms are different from other countries. Australia is the biggest island country in the world. It is surrounded by many seas. However, the rivers or lakes inside Australia are very few, so the lands are really arid. Nearly seventy percents of lands are desserts. In the middle and west of Australia, there are some big desserts like the Great Victoria Dessert and the Great Sandy Dessert. Therefore, the places which are suitable for people to live are actually very few. Many famous cities which have large amounts of people are usually settled along the seaside, such as Sydney and Melbourne. In the middle of Australia, there is little population. Australia has very peculiar climates due to its unique geology. In different parts of Australia, the climates there are really different because Australia owns a large land. The climates of the areas near the sea are usually influenced by the ocean currents. Therefore, the rainfalls are periodic. In the middle parts of Australia, they have seasonal tropical climates. The low pressure makes the rainfalls few. As a result, all the places in Australia have a quite harsh climate. Although Australia is an island and it is surrounded by seas, it has a really small amount of water which can be used for life. This is Australian unique climate. Because of the...
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