What Knowledge, If Any, Will Always Remain Beyond the Capabilities of Science to Investigate or Verify? If There Is or Can Be Such Knowledge, Why Will It Always Elude Effective Scientific Treatment?

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Epistemology Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: March 1, 2011
There are many people who respect the idea that you can ‘Do anything you put your mind to.’ This phrase in itself suggests that mankind as a whole is capable of reaching any target set before it, simply if we try hard enough. From this we can take it to mean that any form of knowledge is attainable by man should we just put in the hours and attempt to discover it. This essay is asking us to consider whether there are types of knowledge that cannot be reached, that is simply out of our grasp. I believe this to be false and I believe science is in fact the answer and that if utilized effectively we can use it to reach any knowledge we so desire.

Knowledge that is beyond the capability of science is merely knowledge that we do not have the technology to discover at this current moment in time. Science is all about the study of what we see around us and constructing sound hypothesis around concrete data and using them to reach a conclusion. This proposition makes science seem limitless in its capability as there will always be hypothesis to explore, however scientific knowledge is limited by one exterior factor-Technology.

Human technology is both what gives and limits the capabilities of scientists, should something seem impossible to discover that does not mean that there is no school of thought upon the matter, but instead that we do not possess the technology required to reach a valid conclusion.

Scientific discoveries in the past that may have seemed impossible due to the limiting factor of technology are now things that we take for given in today’s society. One of the best examples of this I believe is flying. As a concept it has existed for millennia with scientists in ancient Greece even trying to puzzle out ways in which it could be done. Before the 19th century and the Wright brothers exploration into the field many people worldwide still thought it to be a fairly ludicrous idea that man should be capable of flight. Yet in 1903 the brothers...
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