What Is Your Eq

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Everyday Applications
What is your EQ?
Lucas Ward

1.Imagine you’re on an airplane and it suddenly begins rolling dramatically from side to side. What would you do? (It would not be rolling. It would be pitching from side to side) answer- c. a little of A and B. 2.Imagine that you expect to earn an A in a course you are taking, but you get a C on your midterm exam. What would you do? Answer- A. Develop a specific plan to improve your grade, and resolve to implement the plane. 3.While riding in a friend’s car, your friend becomes enraged at another driver who just cut in front of him. What would you do? Answer- d. Tell him about a time when someone cut in front of you and how mad you felt, but explain you then found out that the other driver was on her way to the hospital. 4.You and your girlfriend or boyfriend has just had an argument that becomes a heated shouting contest. By now, you’re both very upset, and each of you has started making nasty personal attacks on the other. What do you do? Answer- D. Pause to collect your thoughts, and then explain your views and your side of the issue clearly. (This is what I always try to do but my wife only hears what she wants. Points #1- 20, #2- 20 #3- 20 #4 0 total points is 60

Now I understand why I have number 4 wrong, and I now understand why my wife only hears what she wants when we have a disagreement. It does look like a good idea to take 20 minutes to calm down. My score was about what I thought it would be. The last question was the only question I was wrong about, and I understand why I was wrong about the question. Now I can try the right way when my wife and I has a disagreement. We may have a better discussion if we try it that way.
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