The Road Not Taken

Topics: Problem solving, Poetry, The Road Pages: 6 (1567 words) Published: November 18, 2012 pairs ,read the situation below, copy the headings below into your notebooks and make two lists to help you decide what you would do . Your friends are traveling abroad during the vacation and you really want to join them. However , you have been offered a fantastic summer job. You are afraid if you miss this opportunity ,you may not get another one Pros traveling abroad| Pros of taking the job|

To have fun| To get money |
To visit new places| To be successful|
To have close relationship with our friends .| To be more responsible.| To break the routine.| To know new things .|

B. What do you usually do when you have a problem or dilemma to solve? Do you follow the steps above? Explain Think of a problem you have solved and tell your partner. Were there any additional steps you used you reach your decision? No, I don't follow the steps, Because I have someone adult that I trust him and talk to him any thing and she will help me .

Vocabulary practice:-

A. Match the words in A to their meanings in B.
1. traveler b. someone who goes to places far away
2. equally d. the same
3. doubt e. not sure about something
4. diverge a. divide
5. undergrowth c. plants and bushes
6. wanted wear g. needed to be walked on
7. wood I. forest
8. make a difference h. change something
9. claim f. demand

B. complete the sentences with the words below. Make any necessary changes. 1. The speaker was sorry that he could not take both roads.
2. The traveler could not decide which road to choose. They both looked equally fair. 3. The speaker looked down the road to where it bend in the undergrowth. 4. One way always lead on to another, so the speaker doubt that he would ever come back. 5. In the future, the speaker will be telling about his experience with a fair.

A. Describe or draw the scene that the poet describes.

One person has a dilemma, he has to choose one road out of two, the choice was risky and adventurous , he choose the less traveled road and he made all differences .

B. Answer the questions.
1. A stanza is a group of lines which form a unit in a poem. Which stanza describes the main idea? Main idea| Stanza |
1. The speaker decides to take the less-traveled road.| 2| 2. The speaker describes his location.| 1|
3. The speaker's decision changed his life.| 4|
4. The speaker doesn't think he will ever try the other road.| 3|

2. What does the poet like about the second road considers?
The speaker took the second road that was grassy and wanted wear.

3. Find the lines in the poem that have a similar meaning to each sentence below. a. I wished that I could walk down both road : lines 2.
b. I chose the less-traveled road : line 18-19.
c. I didn't think I would ever return to try the other road : line14-15. d. I will only know if I made the right decision in the future : lines 17. e. The choice I made affected my whole life: line 20

A. What is the setting of the poem?
The place : in the forest( yellow wood) .
The Time : Summer/In the morning
B. You learned about the thinking skill of problem solving on page 19. What is the speaker's dilemma in the poem and how does he solve it? Complete the graphic organizer below .Use the thinking skill of problem solving to help you . Problem/Dilemma

Option 1: The road bends and disappeared in the undergrowth. Option 2 : The road looks "grassy and wanted wear ".

Solution: The speaker choose option (2) because, it is less trodden on and less used.

C. Writers often use metaphor, a comparison between two things. For example, "happiness is a smile". In the road not taken, the writer describes a fork in the road with two different paths. What are the paths compared to? Explain. The two different paths in the wood are compared to the options we can choose. or ways we can travel ,in life. D. Answer the question.

1. What is the speaker's motive for choosing one way over the other. The...
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