What Is the Purpose of Education?

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* To encourage and effect positive interactions between students, teachers, staff, administrators, community, and government. * To provide the best quality education possible for all students.

To enrich knowledge so that students can:
* Understand the value of quality education
* Foster good character and confidence
* Respect diversity in the school at the same time embrace their cultural heritage * Become responsible and productive citizens

* Every student at Tafuna High School will learn to be physically, mentally, and socially fit.

The purpose of the education program at Tafuna High School is: * To enrich students with knowledge so that they will value education, foster good character, confidence, respect diversity, and are prepared to become productive citizens.

* Our goal is to develop every student as a whole person by providing the best quality education with the available resources and personnel.

1. Effective Communicators
* Skillful in reading and comprehension
* Able to receive, interpret and convey coherent spoken and written communication in a global society.

2. Effective Critical Thinkers
* Able to analyze, evaluate, and interpret information from a variety of sources and context. * Logical decision makers and problem solvers
* Interactive life-long learners able to set goals and standards while applying knowledge and skills to achieve as well as to adapt to real life situations. * Computer literate and using appropriate technology to enhance learning and problem solving

3. Effective Group Participants
* Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others to plan, implement, and accomplish established goals.

4. Responsible and Productive Citizens
* Creative and efficient initiators
* Appreciate diversity
* Demonstrate honesty and integrity in their work...
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