What Is the Meaning of Affirmative Action?

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FMLA/ADA/Affirmative Action
What is the meaning of Affirmative Action?
An active effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women. In the U.S., the effort to improve the employment and educational opportunities of women and members of minority groups through preferential treatment in job hiring, college admissions, the awarding of government contracts, and the allocation of other social benefits. a.Why do we have Affirmative Action?

Affirmative action was designed to counteract the lingering effects of generations of past discrimination. The main criteria for inclusion in affirmative action programs are race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability, and age. Affirmative action began as a government remedy to help, educate, and improve employment opportunities for members of minority groups and for women. There were policies, programs and procedures developed to give preferences to minorities and women. b.Will these policies continue to benefit minorities and women? Personally, I hope they continue to expand and show improvement within the workforce. There are many of us who have stepped outside that stereo- typed "box" and have tried to improve themselves by getting the education and saying no when offered lower, menial positions. I, myself have gone further in my education to improve the skills I had acquired while in the military and other positions held so that I may move upward. But there are and will be many aspects that I will have to continue to prove that knowledge and worth. What are the basic elements of an Affirmative Action Plan?

1.Determine the extent to which minorities and women are underutilized in major categories 2.Identify and eliminate the specific causes of underutilization 3.Identify and eliminate all employment practices that have an adverse impact on minorities, women and others protected by applicable law and the relationship of which to job performance has not been clearly established. 4.Rely exclusively on practices that are based on merit and other valid job related criteria 5.Develop substantial applicant pools of validly qualified minorities and women special recruitment efforts, and other measures to insure that sufficient numbers of these groups are included to help reduce underutilization 6.Develop, through special recruitment efforts and other measures, applicant pools in which handicapped persons are represented equitably 7.Project goals and time tables to include estimates of the representation of minorities and women likely to result from the operation of this affirmative action plan 8.Establish organizational structures and monitoring systems that will ensure effective operation of its goals, and means for modification of the plan as needed. c.Are these elements of Affirmative Action in place at your place of employment?

From what I have noted in this company that yes, they have an equal number of women and minorities. ITT Systems is a very diverse type of company and have many contracts. They have hired by education and experience not because of race or sex. d.Could these policies be improved on?

These policies should be reviewed constantly. There are so many new laws concerning affirmative action, benefits, discrimination etc., that there should be an annual or semi-annual meeting of all HR personnel, Hiring Managers, and Shift Managers to keep them informed of new or improved policies. There should also be training packages that the company must attend, to educate and re-educate on all policies. What are some employer responsibilities and options in managing and administering FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)?

Not every employer is required to provide its employees with family or medical leave. Federal Law states that an employer is required to provide eligible employees with leave is the employer is either: 1.A state, local or federal governmental agency

2.A private business engaged...

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