What Is the Function of Art

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What is the function of Art?

1. Go to this prezi and using the content and media answer any questions you find in your journals. http://prezi.com/lavyatdy0zzn/present/?auth_key=5ol5t72&follow=algrant#93

2. Does Art contain or produce knowledge?

3. If so, how can we characterise this type of knowledge?

4. Using Alchin Textbook pp 34-37 decide which of the following statements most closely reflects your view of the purpose of Art:

a) Arts are a way of expressing emotion
b) The Arts imitate nature or the world
c) Art teaches us what is morally right
d) The Arts offers insights into the human condition
e) The arts are lies which allow us to see the truth (pg 41-42) f) Art is a mirror that reveals us to ourselves (pg 41-42) g) Art expresses that which cannot be directly expressed (pg 42) h) Art provides us with meaningful experiences (pg 43)

i) The arts connect with us and allow us to connect with others as humans (pg 44)

5. For each explain a counter-claim or problem with this view of the purpose of the arts.

6. Next to each item in your book on pg 33 list the letters from question 3 above that describe the purpose of each work of art. 7. Bring in a piece of art you love and explain:

* why you love it and how it moves your emotions
* why it is art (use criteria from above)
* what kind of knowledge it generates
* how it organises feelings of artist and communicates it via symbols
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