What is health promotion?

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Health Promotion
What is health promotion?
Health promotion is helping people to take control over their own health which will help to improve their wellbeing. Health promotion also addresses the major health challenges faced by developing and developed countries, including communicable and non-communicable diseases and issues related to human health and development. Health promotion is not something that is done on or to people; it is done by, with and for people either as individuals or as groups. Health promotion applies to a wide range of approaches to improving health of people, communities and populations. But whatever the particular focus of health promotion work, health promotion needs to be grounded in firm principles and philosophy. Health promotion involves people working face to face with individuals, groups and communities to more strategic work such as policy development. The work is much more than simply advising or persuading individuals to make lifestyle changes and includes: * Organisational Development - developing organisations to be more health promoting e.g. in Schools, Workplaces and Hospitals. * Community Development - developing communities to be more health promoting e.g. neighbourhoods, cultural communities and communities of interest * Strategy Development - developing a strategic approach to improving health and ensuring that local, regional and national policies that can affect public health do so in a health promoting way. * Personal Development - developing the personal, emotional, and social skills and abilities of lay and professional people in order for them to maximise their own health and build a health promoting capacity for those around them * Partnership Development - developing partnerships with key people, communities and organisations who can affect or influence public health, and to enable these partnerships to be better able to promote health * Health Information - developing ways of providing appropriate and accurate information about people’s health, what social and behavioural factors can affect their health, and what can be done to improve health. Role and relevance of health promotion

The Ottawa charter shows strategies of health promotion such as developing personal skills, promoting community action, and creating supportive environments for health, backed by healthy public policy. Attention is given to the need to encourage health services towards health promotion. Health promotion also includes social, economic and environmental conditions, and the factors that are within the immediate control of individuals, including individual health behaviours.

Definitions of health
Negative Definition: The negative definition for health centres around a person’s own perception of how they feel. If a person does not attend regular health checkups because they are feeling healthy and feel fine, then this is considered to be a negative view point as they could have an illness that has no symptoms. It is also classed as a negative outlook as it ignores the fact that is about feeling healthy, having energy and feeling content. Along with this it may also mean that people who have a specific condition may be viewed as being ill when they are actually healthy. Positive definition: The positive definition for health is all to do with the individual’s physical fitness and mental stability status. This is when a person is being pro-active and doing things that are a good form of fitness and well being. This form may be associated with an individual’s mood and feelings or having a sense of contentment. An individual may claim to be healthy due to the fact that they are happy and have an active and social life. Holistic: This definition is when health and well being become the result of a combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors. This includes the whole person and not just some aspects. A holistic way of treating clients could be complementary...
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