What Is Culture

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Culture is a word frequently used by people everywhere most times they use it to make a point clear to someone else in the way they see and interpret things. We all practice culture in one way or another even though most people do not notice it. One thing clear to us is that culture is attached to everything we do. Williams and Geertz both portrayed quite similar and different ideas towards culture in their essays. Williams noted that culture is a whole way of life, (pg.1) this is in the sense that in everything we do we apply culture. The way we talk, eat, worship and so on culture is depicted inside it. For example, in a family it is possible that before they eat they wash their hands and say a prayer; right there a part of culture is shown. Also in a way it shows that culture is ordinary. Culture does not necessarily mean it has to be something of a big event, the tiniest things we do can portray culture. Geertz divided his view of culture into three parts known as culture theory. He also mentioned that culture is an acted document and also described it to be public. For culture to exist it has to be practised. Geertz made a point by saying culture is an acted document because the name culture is not something we just have to know, we put culture into action and for it to be public means people have to notice it. If a particular group of people have a certain culture they depict it is important that others are aware about it, because that way they can share ideas and appreciate the works of others. This shows that culture is included in everything we do. Williams also included in his essay that culture is like a journey. He used the word like to distinguish the distance between culture and journey. Culture is like a journey in the sense that it continues to grow from generation to generation. Even if the people decide to stop such culture, it will still be in history that they practiced it and history cannot be erased. Again culture is...
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