What If the American Revolution Never Happened?

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, American Revolutionary War Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: May 20, 2006
What if the American Revolution never happened? In history classrooms all over the country, there lays an abundant amount of "what if" questions that pop into one's mind when one learns. But has anybody really fully answered this question that so many people think about? In hindsight, a revolution seemed inevitable because of the way the British treated the Americans. But if the American Revolution never happened, obviously, America would not exist. But most importantly, the world as a whole would have suffered if America did not exist, economically, politically, and socially speaking.

Looking back at it, the American Revolution was bound to happen eventually. The taxes and tariffs that were enforced on the American people at the time, offered a real sense of hostility towards the British. If the revolution did not happen, then the American people would have been oppressed even further leading to more conflict between them and the tyrant that was Britain. One imagines if there would have been an agreement or compromise between the Americans and the British government so they could peacefully coexist.

Today, America is the richest country in the world and it is responsible for most of the economic prosperity in our world today. If America did not exist the world trade network would be very fragile and susceptible to disfiguration. In a world where Britain was the superpower, economic growth would be very hard to come up with. The reason there was an American Revolution was due to the economic restrictions that Britain had enforced on Americans. America has given and provided many opportunities for many other nations around the world to experience economic success.

The main reason why the American Revolution was so significant was because it led to many other revolutions similar to it from the French Revolution to even the Haitian Revolution. America defeating Britain in the American Revolutionary War set off a chain reaction/created a Domino...
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