What Freedom Means to Me

Topics: Need, Want, Immigration to the United States Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: November 13, 2013
English 10
30 September 2013

What does freedom mean to you? Freedom means a lot to me. Personally freedom should be earned not given. As in if you’re an illegal immigrant and you sneak over here, or you get a “green card” you shouldn’t get the American title. One reason is, you and your family didn’t have to go through what most of us Americans have. Such as 9-11. Mostly all Americans have worked for what we have today. Such as stopping the wars, making laws and enforcing them. Back in the olden day’s people got away with a lot, such as beating slaves, mistreating others, and women didn’t have any voting rights. Our lives would be different without freedom. I think it would probably be terrible. It would seem as if we were prisoners in a jail if other people told us where to live, what to read or what to even believe. I cannot even imagine not being able to express how I feel, nor tell my opinion. I think a world without freedom would be a lonely and a miserable place. I would like to thank the people who have opened their eyes and realized what was going on in our society. No our world isn’t perfect, and nothing is, but that’s just life. Can you just close your eyes and imagine how life would be if we could do whatever. Such as beating and abusing each other. Thankfully we aren’t a hateful world anymore. I would just like to know one thing, how can you, or would you hurt someone just because? My essay is based off of the book “Fredrick Douglas “. While reading this book it is very emotional and depressing. Reading how bad the beatings were, where they had to sleep, and most of all how slaves got treated because of their race. I want to know how it felt to be downgraded and not have any rights because of my color. During this period of time society was very evil, allowing one group of people to have more rights than another group of people. Living in...
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