What Factors Do You Think Attributed to Suraj Bhai's Success? Was He Merely ``in the Right Place at the Right Time’’, or Are There Characteristics About Him That Contribute to His Success?

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1. Which of the theories of international trade can help Indian services providers gains competitive edge over their competitors?

1.ONE  SUGGESTED  THEORY   to gain dynamism and competitiveness IN  OPERATION .

A.Developing executive leadership at three levels that is
-top team,
-the personal development of individual executives as leaders and -the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

B.Getting strategy to work

C.Achieve learning through knowledge management

D.Achieve supply chain excellence

E.Develop branding strategy

2. Productivity for   INTERNATION  TRADE  Competitiveness The rapid changes in the context of the process of economic reform, globalization and liberalization have created greater compulsions for India to be productive and competitive than ever before. With rapid advancement in technology as well as Management Theory and Practice, the concept & techniques of productivity have undergone a change over time, thereby creating a need for devising fresh approaches, coining new message and adopting a new idiom to spread the message to the stakeholders.

There is an urgent need to redefine and re-structure the Productivity Movement in such a way that it becomes a self perpetuating process, more so, because the general environment earlier was not very congenial for the desired productivity growth as lots of non-productive barriers & protective walls surrounded our economic system for a very long time. All these protective walls have come crashing down and now competition is the name of the game.

Keeping in view the stage at which it stands on the
road to economic progress, promotion of productivity, its awareness creation and benefitable implementation should be the corner stone of productivity movement. Productivity in its new manifestation, as a culture of accepting and bringing about continuous change through teamwork having continued focus on the customer-need is an inescapable imperative. These concepts have come to acquire greater significance in the current context of changed economic environment. ===========================================

3.BUILDING  Brand India's Need Perspectives  STRATEGY

• Need to move up the value chain- better R&D
• Need to project greater ROI on investment – better profitability • Need to remove revenue dependence on any single resource such as human capital • Need to carve a niche – IPR and Licensing
• Need for technological prowess and market knowledge – focused domain expertise • Need to brand products and services – better marketing

Every organization has its own distinctive approach towards development. Connecting these initiatives, there should be a commitment to enlarge the scope of innovation and to create environment conducive to Productivity. Productivity may be the outcome of techno-managerial practices, but eventually is the result of a mindset. Basic to this approach is the conviction that there is no limit to improvement. Even the best can be improved. The crucial ingredient is the preparedness of the human mind to change. Therefore, workers, managers, policy makers and others should be ready to continuously and collectively work for productivity improvement, not only in every economic activity, but also in every human endeavour for the development of the society as well as the country. Needless to mention, as we graduate further into knowledge era, traditional methods and principles will become increasingly ineffective and we will have to innovatively augment productivity both at micro as well as macro level to realize a global competitive edge.


2. Pick up some Indian services providers. With the help of Michael Porter’s diamond, analyses their strengths and weaknesses as active players in BPO. The Diamond Model of Michael Porter for the competitive advantage of Nations offers a model that can help understand the...
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