What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

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What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Following Christ can take your life. I don’t believe most people, including myself, truly recognize the true meaning of being a disciple. It sounds almost easy to follow Jesus, and too simple to be the way to everlasting life. Its actually very difficult, but that is because we make it that way. The end result ( salvation, peace, no more worries or fears about tomorrow, everlasting joy, security, freedom) is so rewarding that the difficulties are forgotten. We are so attached to material things that when Jesus says to leave EVERYTHING and follow him, most of us can’t help but cling on to our securities and familiar way of life. There was an example I heard once of something similar to this. “ You are a rocket, and you take off and break through the atmosphere. It is now time for the actual spaceship (you) to detach itself from what launched you there. For some reason you can’t let it go… it’s too important to you. Without it you couldn’t have gotten this high up. Now your somewhere unknown and you don’t want to let go! You realize that if you don’t let go soon all the calculations will be messed up and you will delay your orbit (which is God’s mission for you to follow)”. We need to let go just as Jesus commanded. This is an example of how things can really prevent you or distract you from following Jesus. Clinging to the past is dangerous. It scares people to drastically change their life style so they want to stay near to what they know. I don’t believe that we actually have to give up everything literally to follow him. I do believe though that we can’t allow ourselves to grow attached to these things and that we have to detach ourselves from distractions in a spiritual sense. We don’t need to give up everything but that doesn’t mean that we should then have everything. These material things won’t be so important to us and won’t be holding us back any longer. It will actually make following Jesus easier!! That is why...
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