What Do We Do to Stay Healthy?

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Heart Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: November 14, 2008
Nowadays, bad air, water pollution and global warming are affecting our health. Overwork and work pressure also bring a lot of stress to employee. For those above reasons, our health is being compromised. I strongly believe that in order to stay healthy, we should get exercise regularly, have a healthy diet and try to relax more often. First of all, getting exercise everyday is good for our health. Jogging, walking, swimming is things that strengthen our muscles and make us stronger. When we have good a workout, it brings us a lot of energy to take care of our daily activities. Especially, it forces our heart to operate well because it keeps our heart rate up and blood sugar down. Decreasing cholesterol and improving blood circulation are is good for your body. In addition, we can lose weight and maintain a good shape when we play sports or enjoy outdoor activities. Hence, it is very important to do exercise to live longer and healthier. Second of all, we need to take notice of healthy diet. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables provides our body a variety of necessary vitamins. For example, vitamin A in carrot sharpens our eyes, makes them brighter and clearer. Or vitamin E in grape makes our skin smooth. And vitamin C in lemon or orange is for anti flu virus. Also, we need to use less fat, salt, sugar in our daily meals to prevent us from heart disease, high blood, diabetes. Therefore, we need to add enough vitamins to stay healthy. Finally, remember to enjoy life! Relaxation helps us reduce stress effectively. For example, stress, tiredness will disappear somehow when we are getting together with our family and friends. We will be happier. We can also travel to somewhere interesting and opening our mind. It will not only release stress but also offers us helpful knowledge like historical culture, manners and customs of a place we visit. Sleeping is also very important. A good night sleep will help to refresh our mind; hence, it will be easier to...
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