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What Customers Don't Know Won't Hurt Them, or Will It?

By ishratjahanakhi Jul 22, 2012 427 Words
 On friendship—Different but still friends
Friendship is essential in life. When in trouble, we need friends' help, support and encouragement. When successful, we also need friends' approval, celebration and sharing.People who are different can still be friends. Lore is my best friend. She is talkative, intelligent and ambitions. Oppositely, I am quiet, honest and generous. Even though we are different individually, we still have the same goal. We have known each other since we were in high school and we have experienced many repeated difficulties, but we are still the good friends.  

When there aren’t any events, the friendship is very easy to maintain. In our school period, we had a common goal, how to keep high grades. We did research, and discussed issues together. Because of our different opinions, sometimes we argued. We sometimes had mutual competition. But our friendship was rock-solid throughout.  

Friendship is tested by competition. After graduation, we entered the identical department of a company. At the beginning, in the strange environment, we encouraged each other, made joint efforts, adapting to the working conditions very quickly. Recently we had become outstanding staff and received our boss' commendation. So I thought friendship was very important. One day, the relationship was broken. As the enterprise was a "Pyramid", everyone wanted to be promoted. In this competition, injuring others was inevitable. After that, we talked less, wouldn't study together. It seemed everybody was avoiding each other as much as possible. Finally, she was promoted. Although I knew that she hurt me, I had congratulated her. We did not seem to want honestly discuss it. So I understood that power and money are stronger than friendship.  

When the friendship is through, it is very simple to reconcile disputes among each other. The first step, I knew, even if the friendship has been hurt. I had to eliminate the consequences of friendship to return to the past. Before leaving the company, I decided to immigrate the US. I talked to her that I understood every person wants to be promoted. For power and money, people might hurt others. But it had passed, I hoped that we could treasure the friendship. Afterward she also immigrated to New Zealand. We restored our good friendship.  

Friendship can make me believe that there really is good in the world.  And remember to never hope you can get true friendship in a "Pyramid" — organization with co-workers.  For long lasting friendship, you must to learn how to tolerate, forgive, care and love your friend. Love is not selfish.

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