What Are the Main Symptoms of Diabetes?

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Type 2 Diabetes: What are the main symptoms of diabetes?

What are the main symptoms of diabetes?|
• increased thirst• going to the loo all the time – especially at night• extreme tiredness• unexplained weight loss• genital itching or unexplained periods of thrush• blurred vision• slow healing wounds.| If you have Type 2 diabetes, you may not notice these symptoms at all. In fact, you may have had diabetes for some time without knowing. If you think you may have diabetes see your doctor, who will be able to test for it

Common Myths About Diabetes:
1. You can catch it like a cold.
2. Eating too much sugar causes it.
3. All diabetic foods are safe.
4. Diabetics must eat a sugar free diet.
5. It causes blindness.
6. Type 2 is a mild form.
7. Not allowed to drive.
8. Stress causes it.
9. It makes you more vulnerable to colds.
10. Must not eat sweet fruits such as: bananas, grapes and mangos. 11. Can no longer participate in sports.
12. Why do my flight socks have a label on them which says I should not wear them? The Facts Behind the Myths:
1. Diabetes cannot be contracted like other illnesses. Rather there are a variety of risk factors which do make people more or less likely to develop the condition. 2. Sugar does not cause diabetes, however high blood glucose levels may trigger a hypo if predisposed to suffering them. 3. Foods which are marketed as being safe for diabetics are also high in fat and sugars. They can still impact blood sugar levels. 4. Some sugar is safe as part of a healthy diet. This should include low: salt, sugar and fats. 5. Careful monitoring of the condition should reduce the risk of blindness developing. Keeping weight at the optimum level and blood pressure within safe limits is important. Diabetes is the main cause of blindness in the UK in those of working age. 6. There is no mild form of diabetes. It is a serious condition which must not be ignored. The partial...
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