What Are the Factors Influencing Customers Restaurant Choice?

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Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

James A. Beard

This report aims to identify what are they key aspects that influence customer‘s restaurant choice.
From a number of researchers (Auty, 1992; Namkung & Jang, 2007; Sulek & Hensley, 2004) it emerged that food quality was rated as the most influencing factor affecting consumer’s restaurant selection behaviour. Nevertheless, service quality was discovered to be a secondary aspect over decision, despite the fact that it is was recognize that it could guide consumer’s evaluation of the dining experience to a superior level. On the other hand, when poor service quality is provided, it could lead to high customer dissatisfaction.
In regard to Marketing, its influence over customer’s restaurant choice was assessed. Little evidence was found on its real effectiveness towards customer’s final restaurant decision;. In fact, in this research has been retrieved that finally, more importance can be given to restaurant reputation by
“word of mouth”, therefore by friends and relatives, giving a minor relevance to marketing principles
(Sweeney et al., 1992).
Lastly, this report will assess the impact of social status and self-esteem over the restaurant selection, as the findings illustrated that restaurateurs try hard to give their restaurants an exclusivity image which classify them such as “fancy places”, which are more direct to consumers of higher social status.

Food quality
Food quality emerged to be the utmost influencing property in customers ’restaurant decision making but also a crucial component in customer satisfaction. (Lewis, 1981; Soriano 2002; Su lek &
Hensley, 2004). Food quality, however, according to Namkung & Jang (2007) is a comparatively too broad term which must be broken down into five distinctive parts to further been examined. These elements can be classified as presentation, healthy option, taste, freshness, temperature and according with Bailey & Tian (2002) a further sixth

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