What Are Anime and Manga

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What are Anime and Manga?

Thesis Statement: Anime and Manga are getting a lot of attention around the world. But what is the relationship of Anime and Manga?

1.0 Introduction
2.1 Definition of Anime and Manga
2.2 Brief History of Anime and Manga
2.0 The Father of Manga and Anime
3.0 Relation of Manga to Anime
4.0 Categories of Anime and Manga
5.0 Comparison
6.3 Anime and the American Animation
6.4 Manga and the American Comics
6.0 Conclusion
7.5 The future of Anime and Manga

The word “Anime” pronounced as (ah-knee-me) is popularly known as animation from Japan. Western countries pronounce it as (ah-knee-may) which ever you use they are both acceptable. In Japan the anime refers to all animation may it be hand drawn or computer generated. All over the world anime is now popularly known. Anime is now recognized for its distinctive tradition of Japanese animation that is almost immediately recognizable by its superior artistic quality as well. It’s not only the art that is being noticed but also the themes, story and concepts. Now when you think of Japan the first thing that comes into mind (except for sushi) is anime. Because of its uniqueness anime is in the culture of the Japanese. When you watch anime you can see and feel the culture of Japan. A person who is a big fan of anime or manga is called an Otaku. Though this term can be derogatory or neutral depending on the situation. The rough translation for an otaku are fan, geek, or nerd. Manga or Modern Japanese comic book is the Japanese word for comics. But manga refers to all comics and graphic novels. It is the artistic way of story telling. It is said that it came from or was influenced by the invention of the comic strip on American newspapers. Manga is distinctive in its own because of the way they are drawn. In American comics when you say comics super heroes comes into mind, but in manga there are a lot of things that comes into mind. Because manga is not for action comics only. In American comics you alwayss see the sound effects like “kapow!” but in manga there are things like these but they are different in a way because in Japan even the simplest sounds, they have a description for it, like “shaa” this is the sound of water pouring for them. Also manga’s comes in volumes and chapters. They are released monthly in a series or magazines. For decades, anime was produced by and for Japan. Its roots can be traced back in the 20th century where Japanese artists were influenced by the western invention of the newspaper comic strip and the motion picture. The invention of the comic strip would eventually contribute to the development of the modern Japanese comic book or "manga". In reaction to the events of World War II , anime have been described as both evidence of Japanese cultural vitality in the face of trauma and an escape from it (Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society, 2004). Cartoonists started to experiment with animated motion pictures by 1914. And In 1918 the first world-wide success Japanese animation was Kitayama Seitaro's short film Momotaro (anime_nanet, 2008). In 1948, Toei Animation was founded and produced the first color anime feature film in 1958, Hakujaden (The Tale of the White Serpent). Hakujaden was considered as the first anime. Disney greatly influenced the movie Hakujaden with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Snow White was considered as the first ever full length...

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