Manga vs American Comics

Topics: Manga, Comics, Comic book Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: February 8, 2011
In the world today, due to the ease of distribution and commerce, we see much diversity of products all over the place. A high competitors in this are comics, the American comic battling the Japanese comic (manga). There is a big difference in art styles between Manga, which is more exaggerated and American comics, which tend to be more "realistic". There are also quite a few serious differences between the two types of comics. Some of the differences, just to mention a few of them are the cost, creation, diverse audience and genres, presentation and even size. Many continue reading the American comics because it is traditional, eye catching, and they like heroes. However more are turning to manga instead for it appeals to their everyday lifestyles, it’s simple, and there is a lot more content. Manga will be more prominent than American comics without a doubt. The creation of Manga and its layout is quite different than American Comics. Manga is printed in black and white format while American comics are for the most part in full color. Also, when you look at a graphic novel or Manga you will notice there is a great difference in the size. Manga is frequently smaller than traditional American comic books, usually digest-size and roughly half or less the size of American comics. Where the American comics are generally thin like a small magazine, Manga is thick and with many more pages. This not only makes it more comfortable for the reader it also provides more content keeping their attention longer. In page count, Manga is quite similar to graphic novels, which are often just collections of the ongoing American comics. But unlike American graphic novels, which are usually just a collection of monthly comics in a single unified story or story arc, Manga books are often apart of an even bigger story and a complete Manga storyline can run thousands of pages. Another difference between traditional American comics is that mainstream American comics are often created...
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