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Tommy Nguyen
The Invisible Art
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, by Scott McCloud, is a book composed in comic book form that explains the importance of comic books, and how they are written and why they are written the way they are. Right off the bat, McCloud relates to the reader by explaining the world of comic books through the actual art form. Through this art form, the reader will feel a sense of closure to the topics because the reader is experiencing the world of comics first-handedly. McCloud conveys his message through a little iconic figure that is a visual representation of himself. He speaks directly to the reader, and starts the chapter having the same perspective as the intended reader. He points out that, comic books were “Bright, colorful magazines filled with bad art, stupid stories and guys in tights” (McCloud 2). However, he begins to go more in depth with the history of comic books and its unique style of relating to the reader. He contradicts is original thought of comics and that the art of comics is actually very important because, as seen in early history, the art of comics was used to record important events. From pictorial manuscript of Cortes’ adventures to Egyptian hieroglyphics, they all have one thing in common. By definition they are “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce and aesthetic response in the viewer” (McCloud 9). McCloud notes that there are more to comics than what the naked eye can see and explains the style and uses of comic books of the modern day.

The world of comics is filled with icons that are portrayed as the “vocabulary of comics”. Images in comics are no more than a visual representation of a person, place or idea. An iconic image is used in comics as the subjective to represent the reader. The cartoon McCloud is a visual representation of himself but in time, the reader will feel subjective to the cartoon and it will become a...
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