A Rhetorical Analysis of Editorial, “the Effects of Violence in Children’s Cartoons”

Topics: Rhetoric, Violence, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Rhetorical Analysis
ENGL 102-07October 03, 2012

A Rhetorical Analysis of Editorial, “The Effects of Violence in Children’s Cartoons”

Claim: That children's cartoons today are too violent and that these cartoons are greatly affecting their behaviors growing up. That violence is a learned behavior and therefore children that view violence can become violent themselves.

The purpose of the argument is to raise the awareness about cartoon violence and come up with some solutions to lessen its negative impact on the children that are watching them.
The primary target audiences of this argument are those that have the most direct contact with children, mainly their parents and teachers. Faced with the increasing popularity of animation, they feel that youngsters are developing a cartoon mentality, confusing fantasy and reality, and are imitating the actions they see on the screen.

The author feels very strongly about the message he is trying to make and uses emotional, logical, and ethical triggers throughout the article to make his point and bring the reader over to his idea. [“this is a big dilemma because the media is promoting violence as an acceptable solution for children who may not know any better.”] (PATHOS) This statement seems to be an attempt to shock the audience to the idea that there is purposeful plot by the media to teach children that violence is an acceptable way to act. [“If a child is growing up in a home where Dad is beating up Mom all the time, the child is going to learn that hitting is an acceptable way to handle problems. This child is much more likely than other children to grow up to handle problems the same way and become a violent adult himself. The same can be said for cartoon violence.”] (PATHOS) The reader is given a comparison between witnessing domestic violence and cartoon violence. The author makes the argument that both will lead to a child becoming a violent adult. [“We cannot deny that...
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