Well Being

Topics: Emotion, Time, Feeling Pages: 3 (1265 words) Published: November 13, 2006
At first thought my definition of well being was simply well physically, without sickness and or pain. It wasn't until this class that I learned the true meaning of well being and that there are more indicators than just physical or health. According to Miriam Webster, "Well-Being is the state of being the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous." MSN Encarta says "Well being is having good fortune or health. Emotional well-being, like physical health, can be judged on a variety of dimensions. Yet, in both realms, it is difficult to say which of these dimensions are essential for overall well-being. Can I say that I am in good physical shape because I am free of disease, or must I also have an abundance of energy and a great deal of strength? Do I have emotional well-being if I am free from depression, or must I have a positive opinion of my self and my life? In January I started to embark on the journey of a lifetime, my first pregnancy. This if nothing else put my well being into perspective. My first initial reaction was that of shock, for quite sometime I had become convinced that I would never have children. I wanted children but I was sure that out of all my sisters and brothers I would be unfruitful, yet here I was standing in my bathroom staring at this pregnancy test and wondering what type of mother I would possibly be. While I am not by rich by any means I'm not exactly poor. I feel like I am doing pretty well financially but there is a desire to make more and to become more successful. From time to time there is a struggle to pay certain bills and there are things that I would like to have that I don't at the present time. I'm totally concerned with it at this point. My overall attitude emotionally has changed in recent months which I believe is common for someone in my condition. I think one of the biggest factors is the change in my physical appearance. Prior to my pregnancy, I had started somewhat of a physical fitness campaign and had begun...

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