Topics: Welfare, Conditional Cash Transfer Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Welfare: Individual’s Responsibility or Government?

Welfare is known as financial aid to a person or family. It helps with financial and medical aid, and healthy and secure living. Some people believe that many people and families are abusing welfare and that’s the reason for the ongoing debate on whether welfare should be the government’s responsibility or the individual’s. Apparently “From across the political and ideological spectrum, there is now almost universal acknowledgement that the American social welfare system has been a failure.” (Libertarian National Committee 1). What this means is that our nation’s welfare program has taken a turn for the worst. Many people are depending on the government for food, protection, and medical coverage; even if they don’t exactly need it. People are taking advantage of the fact that there is a program in which you get extra help and life is much more simple, so they trick the government into thinking they need it, even though they most likely don’t. Some people believe that welfare should not be provided and that people should just be responsible and are able to provide for themselves. (Westfal, J 1). “In this way, the U.S. welfare system actually makes poverty more attractive—perhaps even to those who would otherwise have been motivated to work and support themselves.” This means that society is basically using the government. Certain people do in fact actually need welfare. It’s not fair for welfare to be provoked from everyone just because some people think that it’s ok to abuse welfare and trick the government into thinking they really need it. Some people need welfare to survive whether it’s because they live in poverty or because they have been in an incident such as a house-fire and lost everything. Some families really do need welfare to help support them. For example, say somebody had a baby in a perfectly happy marriage, but about 4 months after the baby was born, the father left. The mom wouldn’t...
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