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Conditional Cash Transfer

ONYC study aimed to test the impact of the cash transfers on the health of the family, education of the children, and the outcomes of the adults’ workforce in the household. Also, this program was based on the pioneering conditional cash transfer program of Mexico named Oportunidades. In addition, the ONYC conditional cash transfer program greatly benefitted the lower- and middle-income countries. However, being the first comprehensive Conditional Cash Transfer Program in a developed country, the Family...

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Poverty and Conditional Cash Transfer

POVERTY AND CONDITIONAL CASH TRANSFERS A Reaction Paper on the Article Written By Randy David Presented by: JOEFREY C. MIRAFUENTES --oOo-- While the article wished to present the acceptability of the Conditional Cash Transfers as an immediate response of the Philippine Government to the beleaguering effects of poverty, it also presented another reality that cannot be obscured away from discussing such societal problem, and that is the susceptibility of this stimulus program to be exploited...

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direct cash transfer

introduced. However, there have been issues associated with the efficiency and effectiveness of the same. Rampant leakages and corruption have made many of the schemes and programs dysfunctional. Direct Cash Transfer to the poor has been aimed to mitigate these malaises. Need for Direct cash Transfer: Recent studies by the Planning Commission have shown that the Public Distribution System has become so inefficient that 58% of the subsidized grains do not reach the targeted group and almost a...

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4ps Documentation

Conditional cash transfer (CCT) program aim to reduce by making welfare programs conditional upon the receiver’s actions. The government only transfers the money to persons who meet certain criteria. These criteria may include enrolling children into public schools, getting regular check-ups at the doctor's office, receiving vaccinations, or the like. ACCTs are unique in seeking to help the current generation in poverty, as well as breaking the cycle of poverty for the next through the development...

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welfare payments. Welfare in the United States can be described as the provision of federal, state and local government programs and services to help alleviate the adverse social and economic conditions and needs of the poor. This help is provided in cash as well as in-kind services through a number and variety of programs such as Medicaid, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program. The development of the liberal social welfare structure in the...

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the national government that provides CCT grants to extremely poor families in order to improve their health, nutrition and education especially the children aged 0- 14. The said program has two objectives: 1) Social Assistance, which aims to grant cash assistance to the poor to address their immediate need; and 2) Social Development, which aims to break the intergenerational poverty cycle through investments in human capital.  One of the conditions under the said program before the beneficiaries...

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E Turo The 4Ps Program A Jump Start To A Better Future 2010 04 05

monetary aid to poor beneficiaries with the hope that these investments in human capital would lessen the great financial divide among the haves and the have nots. It is the Filipino version of the World Bank-funded Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) [7] Program where poor families receive cash provided their children regularly goes to public school, visits the health center for regular medical checkups and treatments. Conceiving mothers also receive financial grants provided they regularly undergo medical...

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Iec Strategy of 4p's (Executive Summary)

the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), 27.9 M Filipinos or 1/3 of the whole population are poor. In order to address the problem of poverty in the country, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) implemented a Conditional Cash Transfer Program now known as Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). The 4Ps is a human development program of the national government that gives CCT grants to extremely poor families in order to improve their health, nutrition and education especially...

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social welfare

PRIVATE SETTING Public setting In public setting, social welfare programs and services are provided for by the government within the purview of the national government or local governments. This includes services such as retirement benefits, cash transfers to the elderly, workers compensation, vocational rehabilitation, child welfare etc. In the public setting, social welfare is considered to be primarily if not totally funded through the tax fund. Private setting Here, social welfare programs...

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Ap Government

low-income groups than upon wealthy taxpayers. The opposite of a progressive tax, in which tax rates increase as income increases. 15v. Transfer Payment-benefits given by the government directly to individuals. Transfer payment may be either cash transfers, such as Social Security payments and retirement payments to former government employees, or in-kind transfers, such as food stamps and low-interest loans for college education. 16t. List three (3) entitlement programs:Social Security, medicare...

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