Week Three Learning Team Reflection

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Week Three Learning Team ReflectionMGT/5212014Lola JacksonWeek Three Learning Team ReflectionLearning Team “?” contributed personal input to each category in the scenario. The categories are Clarify the Assignment, Specify the Employee’s Range of Discretion, Allow the Employee to Participate, Inform Others That Delegation Has Occurred, and Established Feedback Channels. These contributions will be modified to describe on how we would handle the situation in the scenario. Clarify the Assignment

In the situation that Ricky is facing. Ricky will bring Bill into a meeting to discuss the project. Letting Bill know the required task specifically… to create an updated procedure manual requested by Anne. This will let him know how and why he was selected; specifically due to his expertise. Ricky needs to convey that this is the ultimate task, and he is entrusting Bill to have this accomplished within a specific timeline, by the end of the month. Clearly the expertise needed for this project exists in the contracts department. We know Anne wants a new procedure manual that will give them step by step instructions. Ricky is allowed to have Bill do the project as long as guidelines are in place, and he understands the timeline. Oversight on this project will be equally important. Specify the Employee’s Range of Discretion

Anne did give Ricky permission to allow Bill to work on the manual as long as he knows and understands the parameters and expectations. Bill has three years of experience in contracts. Bill needs know and understand that ultimately the final revisions would still have to be approved by both Ricky and Anne. This will ensure the project is completed according to the needs. Bill will know the time at the end of the month to have this accomplished. Also, be known that Ricky and Anne have the final approval of the assignment. Learning Team “?” thinks it is fair to assume there is an existing manual, which will provide some guidelines and a model for him to...
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