Week 3 Three Step Writing Assignment

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This is an outline of the three-step writing process, which should apply to your analysis of a case study. Answer the case questions related to each step directly on this form. For the three-step process questions, you may use short phrases and sentences for your answers. Then add a page break, and write your response as directed in the case study and save the document as one file.

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I. Plan
A. Analyze the Situation
1. What is your general purpose? To inform customers by writing an announcement 2. What is your specific purpose? To inform and explain to consumers about the 2007 line and reassure them that we moving forward to address their issues. 3. Exactly what do you want your audience to think, feel or believe after receiving your message? After reading the message, I want the customers to understand that we are very concerned with their children and fixing the problem. 4. Who is your primary audience? The parents who purchase Carter’s clothing 5. What is their background? The parents who want to provide their children with the best. When choosing Carter’s they are trusting the leader in baby’s clothing 6. How are its members different from one another? Members include the children who wear the clothing and the parents who buy them 7. How are its members similar to one another? Affected members have purchased clothes from the 2007 line Also other parents who have purchased and continue to do so from Carter’s 8. What are their reactions likely to be to your message? Reactions should be neutral to positive with an understanding that we are here to help and keep Carter’s a part of their lives. B. Gather Information

9. What information do your readers need to receive? Information of the 2007 fall line and where to return if they have defective products, phone number. Reassurance that we are solving the problem 10. What facts must...
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